Duchess T-Shirts


About Us

My name is Debora, I am a wife and a mother to my beautiful kids which include my son with congenital heart defect (hlhs).  I am the founder of Duchess Empire LLC which comprises DuchessPerfume.com, DuchessTshirts.com and DuchessSeamoss.com.  After being in corporate America for many years, I decided to spend more time at home with my family, with personal health issue as well. I decided to start running my own business.  
Duchess T-shirts offers varieties of custom or personalized products such as hoodies, hats, t-shirt, polos, mug, thumbless and much more custom products design using Digital Printing.
We also offers various varieties of handmade jewelries such as beads earrings, necklaces, bracelets and some beauty supplies.

Why Duchess T-shirts?

T-shirts are awesome way of letting people understand your individual or collective personality. T-shirt can help make a statement about who we are or how we are feeling. Duchess T-Shirts comparises of design that will help uplift individual. T-shirts can also be used as a walking bill boards. DuchessT-shirts is proud to join forces with customers by helping customers bring out their inner self by using the customized features on our website. DuchessT-Shirts enables people to express themselves by designing and customizing T-shirts and gears for individual, family reunions, golf clubs, tennis clubs, soccers clubs and many more. Customers can use features on our website to customized products to help individual and organizations for fundraising and or creating awareness as well.